I love to perform and be a part of polyphonic music.

4Vokal is a polyphonic group of 4 singers. Our debut album Yolculuk is released from the We Play brand in 2013, which was followed by Başka / Beş Sekiz Kış Şarkıları in 2017. You can also check our music videos of Harmandalı, Osman Aga and Ne Ağlarsın.

I have been humbly and proudly supporting my dear friends, Badem, in their journey since the beginning…

Our first and foremost polyphonic experiment was released as Renkler – Ychorus from Ada Müzik in 1999.


I have been closely related with Boğaziçi Atletizm (since 1994) and Izmir Gaziemir Atletizm Spor Kulubu (since 2015), and have special interest in sprints, long and triple jumps, and triathlon. Some of my performances are…

  •  60m – SB: 7.73s (2016), PB: 7.73s (2016)
  •  100m – SB: 12:33s (July 2017), PB: 11.30s (1999)
  •  Long Jump – SB: 5.44m (July 2017), PB: 6.30m (July 1999)
  •  Triple Jump – SB: – , PB: 12.80m (1999)
  •  4x100m: 49.96s new Master’s 35+ record (July 2016, Denizli)
  • Wings for Life run, 16.33km (May 2018, Izmir)
  • 1.5km open water swimming: 33m37s (Aquamasters May 2018, Marmaris)
  • 5km, 24m56s (Oct 2017, Dalyan Caretta Run)
  • Aquathlon 1km swimming, 5km running: 48m00, 9013pts (July 2017, Urla)
  • 2km open water swimming: 47m41s01 (July 2017, Foça)
  • 1.5km open water swimming: 47m55s (Aquamasters May 2017, Marmaris)