Title: Development of Image Processing and Machine Learning based Tools for Analysis of Phase-Contrast Optical Microscopy Time Series Images

Funding: TÜBİTAK ARDEB 1001.

Duration: 1.7.2020-1.7.2023

Partners: İzmir Democracy University (IDU), İstanbul Technical University (ITU), İzmir Institute of Technology (IYTE)

Description:  In this project image processing and machine learning-based approaches will be developed for morphological and movement analyses of breast cancer cell lines from phase-contrast optical microscopy time-series images. Towards this aim, our focus will be on the biological problems of cell motility (the case where a low number of isolated cells independently translocate) and wound healing (the case where cells move as tightly or loosely associated cohesive groups).

The team:

  • Researchers: Devrim Ünay – PI (IDU), Behçet Uğur Töreyin (ITU), Devrim Pesen Okvur (IYTE), Özden Yalçın Özuysal (IYTE)
  • Scholarship holders: Aydın Ayanzadeh (Ph.D. student, ITU), Indrit Nallbani (Ph.D. student, ITU), Yusuf Sait Erdem (MS student, IDU), Mahmut Uçar (MS student, IDU), Berkay Mayalı (Undergrad student, IDU), Muhammed Balıkçi (Undergrad student, IYTE), Mehmet Kaan Erol (Tübitak Star grantee, Marmara U.)
  • External researchers: Sevgi Önal (University of Canterbury), Leonardo O. Iheme (Mayo Clinic)