Title: Development of Image Processing and Machine Learning based Tools for Analysis of Phase-Contrast Optical Microscopy Time Series Images

Funding: TÜBİTAK ARDEB 1001.

Duration: 1.7.2020-1.7.2023

Partners: İzmir Democracy University (IDU), İstanbul Technical University (ITU), İzmir Institute of Technology (IYTE)

Description:  In this project image processing and machine learning-based approaches will be developed for morphological and movement analyses of breast cancer cell lines from phase-contrast optical microscopy time-series images. Towards this aim, our focus will be on the biological problems of cell motility (the case where a low number of isolated cells independently translocate) and wound healing (the case where cells move as tightly or loosely associated cohesive groups).

The team:

  • Researchers: Devrim Ünay – PI (IDU), Behçet Uğur Töreyin (ITU), Devrim Pesen Okvur (IYTE), Özden Yalçın Özuysal (IYTE)
  • Scholarship holders: Aydın Ayanzadeh (Ph.D. student, ITU), Yusuf Sait Erdem (MS student, IDU), Mahmut Uçar (MS student, IDU), Berkay Mayalı (Undergrad student, IDU), Özge Nur Belli (Undergrad student, IYTE)
  • External researchers: Sevgi Önal (University of Canterbury), Leonardo O. Iheme (Mayo Clinic)
  • Alumni: Muhammed Balıkçi (Undergrad student, IYTE), Mehmet Kaan Erol (Tübitak Star grantee, Marmara U.)